Justin Brown


      Winner of the February 16' Best Performance of the Month from the West Coast Songwriter's competition in Petaluma, Justin Brown has been inspiring and entertaining people for nearly a decade with his old soul personality.

   He was born, the oldest of three children, in New York in 1988. His mother was a nurse's aide and his father was a salesman. Justin was mostly an introvert when he was younger except when he was singing or playing. He was fascinated with Little Richard and classic Motown hits that had a lot of charisma as a child. 

   Justin moved to New Jersey when he was 4 and was exposed to a wide variety of music genres. By time he was 12 he heavily favored pop music and was fascinated with the boy band era. He constantly listened to Boyz II Men, The Backstreet Boys, and N'Sync because was so interested in their harmonies. 

     This influenced him to join different choirs when he was in high school. He was heavy into music theory and was planning on going to college for music until he discovered John Mayer's " Room for Squares" and D'Angelo's "VooDoo" albums in the early 00's as well as many others.

      Justin taught himself to play guitar when he was fifteen and decided to become a singer-songwriter. After high school in 2006, Justin went to college for a semester until decided to started a company with a friend called, " Equinox Studio and Productions." For 4 years he learned the how to record and produce different styles. The company disbanded in 2011 and Justin decided to pursue becoming a singer-songwriter on his own.

   In 2013, he wrote and recorded his first album, Musings of the Soul and moved to the San Francisco Bay area. The album was about reaching your goals and balancing life. Not only was that album a way to vent but it was to test the waters to see if he had what it took to be a musician. When he sold out of hard copies, Justin decided to give away the album digitally for free in 2015 and is preparing for his new LP in 2017/2018.

"Justin Brown has managed to create a unique sound that mixes elements of Alternative, Soul, and Acoustic that comes out sounding smooth, sexy, and fresh. His music is full of wonderful passionate lyrics and melodic tunes that fans will soon know why this next artist is on the rise in the music industry..... "
Isaac Davis Jr., (Juniorscave.com)