Song Idea 32-"Just a Minute"

I hope i'm not the only one that feels this way but I work hard to catch up on all my social media but after a while with contacting people and making sure I post everyday, I get burnt out. I end up kinda shutting everything down for a bit to recharge. This is just a simple song concept about needing to take a break to stay sane. 

Song Idea 31- “Qpid”

Since Valentine’s Day is tomorrow I had a song idea about a modern day Cupid but since he’s still a kid he still makes the worst decisions with matchmaking. That’s why everyone still hates this holiday. 

Song Idea 30- " Blind Beauty"

 Yesterday was so crazy I had no time to post my idea so I'm gonna try to post twice today. This song is about finding someone who has the purest beauty around, inside and out. That person whose light you can't avoid like a moth. The only problem is that person just doesn't see it, in fact, they think the complete opposite and it' drives you nuts. 

Song Idea 29- "Queen of Monaco"

I was just thinking about the hard time my wife and I had when we first moved to California. We were like in our own little small island trying to make it work living in a 10x10 with both of our stuff piled in. She toughed it out with me with inspired this song idea. (Monaco is one of the smallest countries in the world but has one of the most money per capita in the world) 

Song Idea 28- "Greatest Song in the World"

I did one of those float tanks where you lay in salt water in the dark for about an hour. As I was lying there, this amazing song came to my head. The words were perfectly syncopated to the melody, the beat got you moving, the bass got you grooving. But, I lost it by the time I got out :( This song is about how I lost the greatest song in the world... 

Song Idea 27- " Slingshot"

I never realized how much I was holding myself back in life. What's good though is all that waiting has made me ready and when I let loose I'm coming at life like a slingshot. 

Song Idea 26- " Silhouette"

Here's a love song about not being able to reach my full potential with you. I can see you the lines and shape but I need your light to see the details of the colors and shades of me. Without you, I am just a silhouette of myself...

Song Idea 25-“Is it real”

I was taking my dog out in the middle of the night. I looked up at the stars and it looked so real that it made everything else in my view look fake. Like I was watching a low budget 90’s film. It kinda puts things in perspective.....

Song Idea 24-“Quilt”

I had the opportunity to sit in on a songwriter’s round with some great talent. Naturally, given where I live my music was very different from everyone else. Strangely enough though, so was everyone else. Each person had a distinct sound that was so good. I wanna write how we are cut from different clothes but can come together to make a beautiful quilt.

Song Idea 23-“What it is” (insomniac)

Today was super difficult for me. I was way too tired to do anything but couldn’t fall asleep. There’s too much I wanna do in my life. I was thinking about how one day my brain will eventually outpace my body. We’re running out of time and it is what it is.....