"Musings of the Soul" is now available free

   After much thought, i've decided to release my first album,"Musings of the Soul" to you at no cost but your email.

   Don't worry. 

   I'm not gonna bug you unless I have something important to say :)

   I decided to do…

My Resignation as an Adult

I love this poem. This represents what I wanna do so bad.I think my next album will be based off of this theme lol.I don't know who the author is but if I did I would give him props that's…

Show for The Barlow postponed

Hey everyone,

 Just a heads up. My show at The Barlow has been changed from the 30th to Sept. 18. See you there!!

What a great July

I had so much fun during the month of July!! I played out almost every night. I got to house sit with my wife in the beautiful place in Sebastopol and I met great musicians in Northern California like The

Happy 4th!!!!

Happy 4th everyone. I hope you are all enjoying your weekend just like I am.


Open Mic Circuit

I am getting back into the groove of playing again so I decided to do an open mic circuit for the month of July. Here are the day and the places that i might be playing:

Monday- Coffee Catz (Sebastopol)…

Updated Site!!

It took awhile but I finally updated the website for you guys. I figured since I am upgrading my music and my life, it should reflect my website right? As many of you know, I recently got married to the…


        I remember 1994. I remember being a 6 year old kid in New York. I remember many good things- like the first time I went to the beach on a field trip or the first time I played my sega…