3 reasons to add live music to your winery events

Music is a great way to add that special flair to your winery event but sometimes it gets overlooked. Here are three reasons why live music should be included in all of your events. 

1. Removes awkward silences 

When throwing an event, it is crucial to make the guests feel as comfortable as possible. There's nothing worse than having your customers in your tasting room look around because they don't know what to do with the 'dead air' around them when a conversation has slowed down. Background music alleviates the tension and makes the experience more enjoyable as a whole. 

2. Adds the perfect ambiance to the room 

Having a playlist can be great but unless you can plan everything to the minute, you can get some music that doesn’t fit the theme. You want warm, welcoming, mid to slow tempo music as guests walk, very mellow music while they are eating and drinking so they can converse. Followed by some more upbeat music since they have some drinks in them and are a little more lively. These set the proper moods and if played wrong could potentially throw off the flow of the party. 

3. Adds a little class to your event 

Your customers are paying good money to your winery when they can go to hundreds of other wineries in the Napa area alone. Why not pamper them with a live musician to help show that you value them and are willing to go above and beyond to make them feel valued. (Especially if the musician is good!)

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