First Solo House Concert

     I had my first solo house concert!
    I have played with other bands before but this was my first time riding solo in someone's house.
   A house concert is having someone invite a musician or band to play in there house in front of their friends and family. 
   It is a whole different level then playing at a larger venues.The intensity in which people are listening to you is powerful and I love it.
  You totally feel like a rock star cause you can hear a pin drop in the drop and you get 100% attention.
  No heavy talking at the bar,no phones (unless there taking a photo or video of you), just people who are living in the moment.
  It is also interesting to hear immediate feedback, a little heckling, and comments.
  It totally made me a better musician and showed my flaws which humbles you greatly as an artist. 
  Live music is a powerful tool for and people should have it in there lives more often.
  It was a great time and I can't wait to do it again.

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