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Latest Updates

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Guest spot for Adam Knight at Stout Brothers

I went to my friend, Adam Knight's show on Wednesday night to catch the tail end of his performance at Stout Brothers in Santa Rosa. It was an awesome gig.
He even invited me up and we did a couple  of cover songs together.

Adam has an amazing voice and his songwriting skills are on point. I highly recommend checking him out here

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First Solo House Concert

     I had my first solo house concert!
    I have played with other bands before but this was my first time riding solo in someone's house.
   A house concert is having someone invite a musician or band to play in there house in front of their friends and family. 
   It is a whole different level then playing at a larger venues.The intensity in which people are listening to you is powerful and I love it.
  You totally feel like a rock star cause you can hear a pin drop in the drop and you get 100% attention.

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Best Performance of the Month

I signed up for the West Coast Songwriters Association last month and entered in my first competition. I am honored and thrilled to be the winner for best performance with my song "Breathe".