September 17' Recap


  September came and went way too fast! I find myself slipping with my newsletter so instead of writing for the following month, I will focus on the recapping the amazing month I just had. 

  Before I start…

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Facebook account officially up

     After finally getting my ducks in a row, I've created my facebook music page. I'm not gonna lie, a couple of years ago Facebook pretty much took over my life and I realize I was getting nothing done with it.…Read more

First Solo House Concert

     I had my first solo house concert!
    I have played with other bands before but this was my first time riding solo in someone's house.
   A house concert is having someone invite a musician or band to play in there…

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Best Performance of the Month

I signed up for the West Coast Songwriters Association last month and entered in my first competition. I am honored and thrilled to be the winner for best performance with my song "Breathe".